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The patient tracker module tracks serves to assist the user with tracking patient contacts during an event. Currently, many EMS providers utilize conventional ePCR (Electronic Patient Care Report), a tedious process of documenting patient treatment and encounters, which can be extremely inefficient during large events with high frequency of patient responses. The SEMS patient tracker far surpasses the conventional ePCR, by enabling EMS providers with a rapid, efficient system and database to document every patient contact with sufficient detail.


This extremely customizable package is designed with two sides. Server side or "Command " is the master computer that the "client side " interface with.  The Server side can generate all the report needed to keep you up to date on developing trends. Generate patient reports, supply reports, Log Sheet , as well as summary reports. All menus are customizable , such as treatment, ailment, staffing and hospitals. This software is packed with features such as automatic supervisor alert when ever a patient is transported to the hospital and a running inventory of supplies.


The "Client Side" is a lite version of the command side. Used by field providers to collect data. The menus are also customizable and the only difference is the "Client Side " is unable to generate reports or transmit patient information to any computer except the designated command computer. Our system uses the security of direct synchronization, instead of transmitting sensitive data over unsecured method the data remain secure at all times
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