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SEMSNation proprietary software takes you through every step of the preplannig process leaving no detail overlooked. The magic is in it's simplicity. Just answer the questions as they appear on the screen. Then the program will analysis your planned response and allocation of resources to insure that it meets standards, even making suggestion for improvement where needed .


Easily track every patient contact, gather real time data as the event progresses. Track weather, patient load trends and medical supplies. This is not an ePCR but a patient contact manager specifically designed for the rigors of operating in the special event environment. Easily log every patient contact and treatment while the program automatically keeps a running inventory of all medical supplies and warns when supplies are running low.


Manage your resources in real time and effortlessly log every move every team makes and do it from the palm of your hand. Track, manage and dispatch your resources in real time. Detect patterns as they develop so they can be immediately addressed. If there is ever a questions you can refer back to the log and immediately know which team(s) took a response , location of the incident, and the nature of the response. Know at a glance the status of every ambulance, cart, and wheelchair. The power of a complete dispatch center in the palm of your hand and for a fraction of the cost.