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Welcom Back Podcast

In this weeks podcast Clay Richmond talks about SEMSNation pending launch in August. He talks about the changes and hurdles they had to over come to get to this point. He also talks about some of the training opportunities that will be available when they launch   and the  excellent line up of experts they have for the Fall Webinar. Enjoy this very informative and entertaining episode.



JEMS 2012 Baltimore, Maryland Podcast

Welcome Back !

SEMSNation Podcast is proud to be back. In this weeks podcast we’ll join Clay Richmond at the JEMS Conference 2012 as he discusses with Jones & Bartlett the new changes coming to the SEMS book and the evolution of the SEMS system. We are introduced for the first time to the concept of force multipliers and how the EMS community can can use them to their advantage. Thank you for tuning in and Enjoy






IPMBA has developed training to better equip EMS personnel with the knowledge and skills needed to operate in the mass gatherings safely and efficiently. I believe IPMBA is onto something and has taken some great steps to improve delivery of services to the public. I’m reminded of something one of my martial arts instructors always says, “if you only have a hammer in your tool box then you will approach every problem with a hammer”. While I still hold that in most event settings use of carts (Gators) is still the preferred method but I can see that bikes can have a role. Events that come to mind are road races, parades, processions, and Walk-A-Thons.


Introducing SEMSNation


Martial Arts & EMS



In this podcast we take a break from talking all EMS all the time and talk about one of my passions, Martial Arts. I’ve been training in the Martial Arts since I was 8 years old. I currently hold Dan rank (Black Belts ) in several arts. We take the entire half hour and talk about different styles, the benefits of routine training and what you should look for in a style. We also talk about why a weekend “women self defense class” is useless and dangerous. We explored what makes the arts different and my personal feeling on MMS and traditional arts. Yes, that’s a lot for a half hour and we didn’t come close to completing the discussion but that for another day so tune in and enjoy

Professionalism… How professional are you ?


Kuchi Bushi … ” Mouth Warriors”

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