Posted May 14 2010 1:33pm

The exact details are still unclear, but what is known is horrific and very worrisome for anybody who rides a bike on public roads.

Three triathletes are dead, and another three are in serious condition in the hospital after being involved in an accident with a pick-up truck today on a highway southeast of Montreal.

The group of cyclist (who were training for a triathlon) are affiliated with Cycle Beausoleil, based in nearby St-Lambert.

They were riding on Highway 112 near Rougemont when they were involved in an accident with a pick-up truck that left bodies and bikes scattered along the road.

“The driver of the vehicle in question was a man and alcohol is not a factor,” Sgt. Claude Denis. “He will meet with investigators in a little while to give details to shine a light on this tragedy.”

Crasg2 According to :

“The cyclists are friends who regularly ride together and were en route to Sherbrooke Friday morning as part of their training for the triathlon season, police said. The group is affiliated with Cycle Beausoleil, based in nearby St-Lambert.

It’s not yet clear what caused the accident or how many bikes were directly struck by the truck. The group was training at the same time as a faster pack of riders who were farther down the road.

The weather on Friday was cloudy, but no rain was reported in the morning. Traffic highway was rerouted while police processed evidence from the crash scene.”

According to T he Globe and Mail :

“There were speed bikes, helmets, sunglasses and even a sports watch scattered across a large distance, while orange police tape separated the road from the neighboring municipality.

The group of six, which included five women and one man, were all members of a Montreal-area cycling club. All the deceased were women.

One neighbor said her children rushed to the window when they heard a loud crash. The kids looked outside to see bodies strewn across the road.”

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Photo: Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press