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Punch Defense Episode 5

Punch Defense

            In this episode we will discuss punch defense. A very common attack a punch is not necessarily deadly in and of itself, but there are stories of people being killed by errand punches. Much more common are a victims being  knocked out , which is the goal of seasoned [...]

Episode 4 Body Grabs


          In this weeks episode we discuss body grabs such as “bear hugs” . A body grab is a domination maneuver usually employed by a bigger person against a smaller person. It is essential to escape this situation as soon as possible because body grabs are primarily used to set a [...]

Episode 3 Defending Chokes

Defending Chokes

          Being choked is one of the most dangerous situations an EMS provider can find themselves in . Once someone is being choked there is a high probability of  death if the choke is not defended. One of the unfortunate consequences of the rise in popularity of MMA is that many [...]