Summary of Episode 1

This episode in the series Self Defense for the EMS Providers Clay Richmond, a black belt in multiple martial art disciplines will discuss his background, years of training and experience. He will discuss at length the combative theory behind why certain people attack and others are chosen to be attacked. Leading into an in depth look at the SEM10 principles of self defense.

SEMS 10 for Self Defense.

  1. Do not introduce a weapon into the confrontation.
  2. Have a Plan and Practice your Plan
  3. Walk with you head up.
  4. Do Not rely on pain for compliance
  5. Don’t Believe what you see in the movies
  6. Stay off the ground at all cost
  7. Be aware of your surroundings
  8. Rely only on sound proven defensive principles.
  9. Don’t engage in a physical altercation unless you have exhausted all other options
  10. Keeping fighting & Never give up.

There are only a handful of reasons people attack other people in peace time. A would be attacker when evaluating a potential victim decides almost immediately if they have enough of a “tactical advantage” to reasonably ensure a high probability for success.


A tactical advantages are:

  • Superior numbers – They have more people on their side.
  • Size – They are bigger physically.
  • Timing – The moment they have chosen to commence the attack makes it very unlikely a successful defense can be mounted.
  • Situations – The situation the victim is engaged in makes it very unlikely they are prepared to deflect and attack.
  • Awareness – The potential victim is distracted and the element of surprise give them the needed advantage.
  • Desperation – The attacker see no other alternative than to attack
  • Weakness or vulnerability – Person appears to be unlikely to be able to mount a successful defense.
  • Altered mental status – Mental illness and being under the influence of a substance can produce irrational behavior. These people may attack even when they do not hold the tactical advantage.

The discussion will conclude by examining the types of attacks providers are likely to encounter and why. As a general rule woman generally when attacked are grabbed which is a domination attack in hopes of overwhelming the victim. Men tend to initially be punched of kicked before they are grabbed which softens up the victim preparing them to be defeated. An attacker wants to gain the advantage as quickly as possible while exposing themselves to as little risk of injury as possible.