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Holiday Message

We shot a quick message today to the Nation sharing our most joyous holiday wishes and bringing everyone up to speed on the future of SEMSNAtion. We have scheduled to official launch for March 2012 at the JEMS Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. We also outlined the evolution of the web site from simply an online learning community to a Multi Media Destination with our own original EMS- centric programing. Starting with 3 shows Fitness for EMS Providers, Self Defense for EMS Providers and Bike Mounted Medic Show, we will evolve into a 24 hour a day Multimedia Destination for EMS providers. Many of you may have already heard that we are shooting a pilot reality show and we couldn’t be more excited. We don’t have a name yet but we plan to release a sample to the Nation in early 2012. We are searching for show ideas, so if you have a specialty or just a great idea for a show please submit a 1 paragraph proposal to show@semsnation.com, if we like your idea we may just produce your show.

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As 2011 draws to an end I’d like to take stock of all that we have to be Thankful for. Please except from our family to yours our wishes for a safe and prosperous holiday Season and a Happy New Years.

Bonus 5 Good Minutes

Webisode 1

Welcome to the premier of the SEMSNation News and Event Magazine. Your host Clay Richmond & Mike Butler will discuss topics concerning EMS concerns and issues. They will take all over the world to meet and talk to different experts. In this Webisode your host talks about the 2009 Presidential Inauguration, JEMS Conference and The National College EMS Conference… Please enjoy and leave your comments

Webisode 2

In this months episode Mike and Clay discuss their memories of the Obama inauguration after numerous questions from the community. Then they head to Richmond, Virginia and the International Police Mountain Bike Association(IPMBA) for their annual conference. After that they discuss issues surrounding an EMS response for equine events and lastly they spend 5 Good Minutes with a fitness expert discussing wellness issues that affect the EMS community. Please enjoy the show and leave your comments below.