Join us every Wednesday Starting February 6

One of the fastest growing trends in EMS is the utilization of mountain bikes. Mountain bikes have proven effective in a number of different environments. Their ability to navigate urban areas and crowds compared to their relatively low price is unmatched. While EMS providers may know how to ride a bike, few know how to cycle. Unlike recreational cyclists who can choose routes that are convenient and safe, public safety cyclists have to ride where they are needed.

Jeff Macarthy a former professional bicycle racer, paramedic and bike medic team member will examine the skills that must be mastered to be a good public safety cycling professional. The topics will cover the basic skills public safety professionals must understand to safely and efficiently exercise their duties.

Jeff’s philosophy is to ” Understand  that there are only a few things a rider can do to affect the movement of a bicycles. There is pedal pressure,steering,braking, and weight transfer. Each has infinite implications. It might seem that with only four types of input skills, the development of sound riding skills would be a relatively simple process, but you would be wrong“

Every week Jeff will cover a different topic:

* General Bike Maintenance
* Braking.
* Curb ascents.
* Steep descents.
* Stairs.
* Proper Hand Signals.
* Day/Night Ridding.
* Proper clothing.