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Fatality Study: EMS Is a Dangerous Profession

Fatality Study:EMS Is a Dangerous Profession By Kim Oriole, JEMS InfoMail Reporter More EMS providers die on the job than anyone suspected, making the occupation nearly as dangerous as police officer or firefighter, according to the first-ever national study of EMS fatalities. The study, “Occupational Fatalities in Emergency Medical Services: A Hidden Crisis,” is detailed [...]

Doctors on board – Medical system works for steeplechasing

Steeplechase News – By Joe Clancy - May 13, 2009  The horse falls. The radio call goes out. “Jockey down at Fence 12. Unit 2 respond.” A specially outfitted John Deere Gator, Unit 2 races to the scene with two paramedics, a backboard and a host of equipment packaged specifically to deal with traumatic injuries. Once [...]

A Bleacher Collapse ?

July 17 Monday’s meeting went well. I arrived at the BGP office about a half hour early to talk to the GM and Race Director. I brought them up to speed on the discussions I had with the Fire Department EMS Chief.

Indy Car Preparation Part 1

Great News !   The next several weeks we will be working with Indy Car preparing for the Memorial Day Race. I think this is an excellent opportunity to give everyone some insight into planning and deploying for a high profile event. Along the way we will be producing a show about the entire experience [...]

Providing EMS at the 2011 Baltimore Grand Prix

By Erik P. Steciak, NREMT-P *As SEMSNation begin preparation for the Baltimore Grand Prix 2012 let take a minute an relive the event through the eyes of Paramedic Steciak -Enjoy   Erik P. Steciak has been involved in EMS since 2003, and is currently a Lead ALS provider for Special Events Medical Services.

Environmentally Induced Hyperthermic Emergencies

 By Erik P. Steciak This month’s article is going to look at heat related environmental emergencies. While there can be various causes or exacerbating factors, such as being outside in elevated temperatures or intense physical exercise without a respite or proper hydration, the end result is the same: the body can no longer thermoregulate itself [...]

U2 Concert: 22 June 2011, Medical Standby

U2 Concert Baltimore. Maryland

U2 Concert: 22 June 2011, Medical Standby John F. Oliveira, NREMT-P, CCEMT-P, FP-C The city of Baltimore hosted a major concert last week, and I had the opportunity to be part of the team of Emergency Medical Service providers assigned to the event. The Irish rock group U2 played at M&T Bank Stadium, home of [...]

Sports Safety Systems Go High Tech


Use of Temperature Controlled IV Fluids for the Treatment of Environmental Emergencies in the Special Events Prehospital Setting


Dehydration and the Cold Weather Events


By Clay Richmond During the summer months there is a heightened awareness of the importance of proper hydration. Unfortunately as the weather gets cooler people are not as cognizant of the significance of proper hydration. Event organizers and medical personnel need to be aware that it is still important to make sure the participants are [...]