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Providing EMS at the 2011 Baltimore Grand Prix

By Erik P. Steciak, NREMT-P *As SEMSNation begin preparation for the Baltimore Grand Prix 2012 let take a minute an relive the event through the eyes of Paramedic Steciak -Enjoy   Erik P. Steciak has been involved in EMS since 2003, and is currently a Lead ALS provider for Special Events Medical Services.

Environmentally Induced Hyperthermic Emergencies

 By Erik P. Steciak This month’s article is going to look at heat related environmental emergencies. While there can be various causes or exacerbating factors, such as being outside in elevated temperatures or intense physical exercise without a respite or proper hydration, the end result is the same: the body can no longer thermoregulate itself [...]

Use of Temperature Controlled IV Fluids for the Treatment of Environmental Emergencies in the Special Events Prehospital Setting