Research in EMS is one component of the system that has been sorely lacking. Hard factual data concerning medical response for special events is none existent. Too often Staffing and equipment allocation as well as treatment modalities are implemented on the basis of anecdotal recollections rather than statistically sound, peer-reviewed research studies.  In the future EMS managers will have to justify every resources that is used and the best way to do this is to have hard indisputable evidence and facts. SEMSNation is answering the call by developing the largest database in the world of event medical specific data.

We are asking for the communities help. After every event you or your service is involved in please fill take a minute and fill out our survey. This type of research is important to the future of  EMS because the public has grown weary and is demanding proof that the money out lay for our services is justified. This is the first step and will help EMS evolve and grow.

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