Clay Richmond has made an important contribution to the literature of EMS response. Certainly within the realm of equestrian events (my own area of experience) the EMS team is critical and information about these events has been almost nonexistent for EMS providers. I know that our steeplechase jockey colony especially will be thankful that this book was written.

Gregg Morris
Senior Steward, National Steeplechase Association

Special Events Medical Services is a very useful resource. It draws from years of experience in special event EMS management and gives a broad overview of all the important issues.
The authors also provide detailed guidance and practical templates and work-aids to assist the EMS manager prepare for and successfully deliver EMS services at special and mass events. Particularly helpful are the “Prep Kit” summaries and the planning checklists. Special Event EMS is an EMS Management sub-specialty and this book will advance the practice.

Kurt Krumperman
Clinical Assistant Professor

Advocates for EMS


The book is very interesting and has a lot of thoughtful things that we need to look at here & will definitely be a help to me on this end as we plan events here. Thanks.

If possible in the off-season, I would like to come up & spend a day or two with you in the office when you are pre-planning, meeting, etc. for upcoming events.

Thanks again


University of Maryland College Park