From staffing to set-up, Special Events Medical Services (SEMS) prepares EMS personnel to properly plan for and stage medical response at any type of special event in their community. This concise, highly interactive continuing education course consists of the SEMS textbook and online course.

Since no two special events are alike; SEMS covers the basic principles to apply when planning for and working at any type of special event, including:

* Pre planning
* First aid station planning and set-up
* Communications
* Safety concerns
* Mass-casualty considerations
* Chapters on specific types of events include weather and outdoor events, stadium and mega-events, equestrian events and rodeos, and extreme and combat sports events.

The SEMS online course walks students through the process of creating an emergency medical response plan and implementing it during a special event. An access code for the SEMS online course is printed on the inside front cover of this textbook. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a Course Completion Certificate from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and 4 hours of CECBEMS continuing education credits.

Providing standby services for special events requires specialized knowledge and skills beyond initial EMS training. With special events medical services training, new and seasoned EMS personnel alike can ensure a timely and appropriate medical response regardless of the special event size or ty