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Sports Safety Systems Go High Tech

Every medic has been there at least once; you are attending to a patient and you encounter something completely new. It could be a medication you have never seen, or a disease you have never heard of. For an event medic, it is often a sports safety system we have never seen and we often [...]

Analog or Digital ?

A few years ago an old friend contacted me. He began to explain that he had been injured at on the job and forced to retire. I asked him what he was going to do ? he said he was up for a job with Federal Government , but he would have to go back [...]

Wanted Beautiful Model

Last week I talked about the 3 rules of Event Response Planning(ERP). I briefly touched on a major error I see time and again. All too often EMS services employ law enforcement response models in place of an EMS appropriate response model. Using the incorrect model is not only financially costly but may not meet [...]

For the times they are a-changin

Just wanted to take a minute and update everyone on the status of SEMSNation. We have completed the software suites. The package consist of the Pre_Planner, Patient Tracker , Resource Manager and the Library module. Currently we are testing the software and getting all the bugs out. I was asked by someone the other day [...]

A Brave New World

I’ve been urged to blog more. I guess in this brave new world the message is the same ,”Let improve the care we provide to our patients” but the messenger has changed. So this is what I’m going to do. The biggest hurdle to my blogging more is I don’t know what to blog about. [...]