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Do EMS Providers Always Know What to Do ?


The entire country is in shock and mourning at the evil that has been inflicted on our children. SEMSNation sends it’s deepest and most sincere condolences to the victims families and we also send our prayers to our law enforcement and EMS family who did a wonderful job, but must live with these images in [...]

What’s a Duty to Retreat ?

Roy and Johnny are at the hospital talking to nursing staff enjoying a moment of downtime in the mist of a very busy shift. The radio comes alive “Medic 1 respond for an injured person on the street, 1208 O’Donnell Street, the time is 127hours, Medic 1 acknowledge”. Johnny grabs his portable and responds, “Medic [...]

Wanna Help Returning Soldiers ?

A couple blogs ago I was reminiscent about a night working for the fire department when my partner and I where in a physical confrontation with two Recon Marines that where on leave and intoxicated. (Will You Survive Your Next Stand By ?)Without retelling the whole story, they got into a fight with some local [...]