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Do EMS Providers Always Know What to Do ?


The entire country is in shock and mourning at the evil that has been inflicted on our children. SEMSNation sends it’s deepest and most sincere condolences to the victims families and we also send our prayers to our law enforcement and EMS family who did a wonderful job, but must live with these images in [...]

What’s a Duty to Retreat ?

Roy and Johnny are at the hospital talking to nursing staff enjoying a moment of downtime in the mist of a very busy shift. The radio comes alive “Medic 1 respond for an injured person on the street, 1208 O’Donnell Street, the time is 127hours, Medic 1 acknowledge”. Johnny grabs his portable and responds, “Medic [...]

What would a reasonable man do ?

Recently Super Storm Sandy hit the east coast of the United States. Where I reside received nothing more than a little rain, but New Jersey and New York where not so fortunate. After the storm Maryland sent a contingent of EMS providers to New Jersey to assist with the aftermath. I was a little concerned [...]

Does It Really Takes More Than 8 Minutes to Get in Shape ?

I was recently party to a Facebook thread that really got me thinking about the mythology surrounding self defense. Twenty Three years in emergency services I have seen evil close up from serial killers, to serial rapist, to hit men and hardened killers. I’ve studied martial arts since the age of 8 and I truly [...]

How Does it Feel to be Apart of Something Bigger ?

The other day I received this question. “I would be interested to hear some of your lineage ?” In the world of traditional martial arts the reputation of your teacher is important but not as important as the reputation of his teacher’s teacher. My Jujitsu linage goes from Dai Nippon Butoku Kai established in 1895 [...]

Will You Survive Your Next Stand By ?

Paramedic defending herself from an assault

  This weekend we provided stand by protection for a rave or the more politically correct term is “Techno Dance Party”, but a rose by any other name ? While it was no more busy this year than previous years my attention was drawn to the number of violent patients we are forced to handle [...]

Holiday Message

I’m sitting in the office finishing the SEMS Nation Holiday message. We shot a quick message today to the Nation sharing our most joyous holiday wishes and to bringing everyone up to speed on the future of SEMSNAtion. We are proud to announce the SEMS Events Management Software Suite is complete and in testing. Thus [...]

This is why I don’t like BJJ

Let me start with the statement I am not a hater of BJJ it is just the art that has sparked this particular discussion. Believe me I am equally critical of other arts such as Aikido. In my life I believe we should be honest about all things and the martial arts are no exception. [...]