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Will Your Student Become Your Teacher ?

The oldest relationship known to man people claim is that of husband and wife.  I think there is one relationship slightly older and just as sacred, that of  teacher/ student. When fire was discovered or more appropriately when someone discovered how to start a fire and he or she showed or “taught ” others how [...]

Analog or Digital ?

A few years ago an old friend contacted me. He began to explain that he had been injured at on the job and forced to retire. I asked him what he was going to do ? he said he was up for a job with Federal Government , but he would have to go back [...]

What did we learn today ?

I would like to share a short story about a lesson I learned a long time ago and have never forgotten. In my current position I have the opportunity to meet and work with many young medics. I was conversing with one the other day and I said ,”I don’t like teaching some new medics” [...]

Wanted Beautiful Model

Last week I talked about the 3 rules of Event Response Planning(ERP). I briefly touched on a major error I see time and again. All too often EMS services employ law enforcement response models in place of an EMS appropriate response model. Using the incorrect model is not only financially costly but may not meet [...]

What Is The First Rule ?

In 18 years of Special Events medicine, with more than 10,000 events under my belt I have realized there are three rules every event planner should be aware of.   Rule Number 1: This is not a mass casualty incident (MCI) , but simply a special event. Rule Number 2: No matter how much money [...]

Are You a Polite House Guest ?

I’ve missed the last 3 weeks and I apologize the preparation for the Baltimore Grand Prix are in full swing and SEMSNation is in the thick of it. As I sit in meeting after meeting I am reminded of something my grand mother told me and our profession has forgotten. She would say” Rikki, she [...]

Is Imitation The Sincerest Form Of Flattery ?

The saying goes “ Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. This week I was setting up for one of the professional men’s tennis tournaments we cover when I talked to a person .Last year I showed him the prototype of our reporting software and suggested that he help us develop some security reporting software. [...]

How Is Your Crowd Feeling Today ?

There is growing sentiment in the psychology community that fundamentally humans have only 3 emotional states , fear, joy, and anger. This school of thought is gaining traction as it explains the three dominate types of unruly crowd behavior event medical staffs are likely to encounter. The panicked crowd in which fear is the dominant [...]

A Brave New World

I’ve been urged to blog more. I guess in this brave new world the message is the same ,”Let improve the care we provide to our patients” but the messenger has changed. So this is what I’m going to do. The biggest hurdle to my blogging more is I don’t know what to blog about. [...]

First Post

This is an exciting time after 3 long years of writing and editing, my book Special Events Medical Services has finally been released. It became real to me on November4, 2010 as 50 of my closest friends celebrated my accomplishment at the Fairfield Marriott which graciously hosted the SEMS book release party. Jay Davidson, Baltimore [...]