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What’s a Duty to Retreat ?

Roy and Johnny are at the hospital talking to nursing staff enjoying a moment of downtime in the mist of a very busy shift. The radio comes alive “Medic 1 respond for an injured person on the street, 1208 O’Donnell Street, the time is 127hours, Medic 1 acknowledge”. Johnny grabs his portable and responds, “Medic [...]

What would a reasonable man do ?

Recently Super Storm Sandy hit the east coast of the United States. Where I reside received nothing more than a little rain, but New Jersey and New York where not so fortunate. After the storm Maryland sent a contingent of EMS providers to New Jersey to assist with the aftermath. I was a little concerned [...]

Does It Really Takes More Than 8 Minutes to Get in Shape ?

I was recently party to a Facebook thread that really got me thinking about the mythology surrounding self defense. Twenty Three years in emergency services I have seen evil close up from serial killers, to serial rapist, to hit men and hardened killers. I’ve studied martial arts since the age of 8 and I truly [...]

This is why I don’t like BJJ

Let me start with the statement I am not a hater of BJJ it is just the art that has sparked this particular discussion. Believe me I am equally critical of other arts such as Aikido. In my life I believe we should be honest about all things and the martial arts are no exception. [...]