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Does It Really Takes More Than 8 Minutes to Get in Shape ?

I was recently party to a Facebook thread that really got me thinking about the mythology surrounding self defense. Twenty Three years in emergency services I have seen evil close up from serial killers, to serial rapist, to hit men and hardened killers. I’ve studied martial arts since the age of 8 and I truly [...]

How Does it Feel to be Apart of Something Bigger ?

The other day I received this question. “I would be interested to hear some of your lineage ?” In the world of traditional martial arts the reputation of your teacher is important but not as important as the reputation of his teacher’s teacher. My Jujitsu linage goes from Dai Nippon Butoku Kai established in 1895 [...]

How Is Your Crowd Feeling Today ?

There is growing sentiment in the psychology community that fundamentally humans have only 3 emotional states , fear, joy, and anger. This school of thought is gaining traction as it explains the three dominate types of unruly crowd behavior event medical staffs are likely to encounter. The panicked crowd in which fear is the dominant [...]

New Blog & News Every Tuesday

SEMSNation publishes a new blog every Tuesday. Please enjoy this Blog from our past. First Post This is an exciting time after 3 long years of writing and editing, my book Special Events Medical Services has finally been released. It became real to me on November4, 2010 as 50 of my closest friends celebrated my [...]