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Wanna Help Returning Soldiers ?

A couple blogs ago I was reminiscent about a night working for the fire department when my partner and I where in a physical confrontation with two Recon Marines that where on leave and intoxicated. (Will You Survive Your Next Stand By ?)Without retelling the whole story, they got into a fight with some local [...]

Change is Upon Us Will We Be FedEx or USPS ?

While sitting in my office last week the phone rang. On the other end was a manager from a small private ambulance service asking me for my opinion. They where covering a music festival of between 4000 to 7000 people and they wanted to know if I thought that 8 personnel and 2 ambulances was [...]

Will You Survive Your Next Stand By ?

Paramedic defending herself from an assault

  This weekend we provided stand by protection for a rave or the more politically correct term is “Techno Dance Party”, but a rose by any other name ? While it was no more busy this year than previous years my attention was drawn to the number of violent patients we are forced to handle [...]

Two Paramedic Arrive on Scene


Follow @SEMSNation Two EMS providers arrive on the scene, one basic EMT with good skills, not great, yet competent but great social and people skills. His patients love him and often write or call to thank him for making them feel at ease. The other provider a cutting edge new Paramedic up to date on [...]