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Archive for December, 2011 ↓

Holiday Message

I’m sitting in the office finishing the SEMS Nation Holiday message. We shot a quick message today to the Nation sharing our most joyous holiday wishes and to bringing everyone up to speed on the future of SEMSNAtion. We are proud to announce the SEMS Events Management Software Suite is complete and in testing. Thus [...]

For the times they are a-changin

Just wanted to take a minute and update everyone on the status of SEMSNation. We have completed the software suites. The package consist of the Pre_Planner, Patient Tracker , Resource Manager and the Library module. Currently we are testing the software and getting all the bugs out. I was asked by someone the other day [...]

This is why I don’t like BJJ

Let me start with the statement I am not a hater of BJJ it is just the art that has sparked this particular discussion. Believe me I am equally critical of other arts such as Aikido. In my life I believe we should be honest about all things and the martial arts are no exception. [...]