This is an exciting time after 3 long years of writing and editing, my book Special Events Medical Services has finally been released. It became real to me on November4, 2010 as 50 of my closest friends celebrated my accomplishment at the Fairfield Marriott which graciously hosted the SEMS book release party. Jay Davidson, Baltimore Grand Prix’s President stopped by and said a few words and wished me well. I received even more well wishes from around the country and it made me feel good but as soon as the evening ended I realized writing the book was the easy part, now the heavy lifting begins

I’ve devoted my life to SEMS entering my 17th year in business. I am a street medic at heart spending my formative years as a paramedic in Baltimore City Fire Department assigned to the then busiest medic in the country, Medic 7. I’ve never forgotten where I started and I’ve brought that pragmatic approach to my business,book and SEMSNation. That being said I am not an academic, nothing wrong with it, but there is no substitution for street time and experience. I wrote this book to and for the actual hands on EMS provider and from a very practical proven perspective and not from some behind a desk or in a class room academic exercise and theory.

So after I finished the book and read it I realized that the book alone was not enough to truly improve the quality of care. So I set about developing the SEMSNation. Along with the web site I developed accompanying proprietary software. Understand when I say I developed a software package, that several months ago I could barely turn on a computer. So I asked around the local colleges and then put together a bid for software development companies and let’s just say the lowest bid to develop the platform could have bought several very nice Medic Units and had money left over. So I decided I was gonna write the software myself. Off to Barnes and Nobles I went. To make a long story short the entire package is now in Beta testing and I will be released around the first of the year. If you want to know more go to the software section.

I will be blogging from time to time in hopes of sharing my perspective on EMS issue, helping improve the profession and giving you insight into my experiences as a SEMS paramedic. My blog will not always be about EMS but about topics that interest me and have a bearing on our profession. For example I am an avid martial artist and with the rise of MMA I have some very strong opinions as well as questions that I will be blogging about later this week.

So check back often and follow my adventures

Clay Richmond