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Why Events EMS


          We live in an ever changing world. Society is constantly exposed to television’s depiction of pre-hospital medicine; demanding the same fast, efficient, and professional services of the real world EMS system. This is creating a demand on EMS professionals to become more professional and live up to the highest standards [...]

The Emergency Medical Service’s New Special Forces


            Event certified pre- hospital providers are in a sense EMS’s new special forces. They are experts at crowd psychology, crowd behavior, usage of modern equipment and vehicles. They know how to gather data then analyze it to draw an unbiased conclusion and engineer an effective plan of action. They [...]

History Lesson


          EMS is a relativity new profession, relative to the overall medical profession. What we call “modern EMS” only originated with the Highway Safety Act of 1966 and the Department of Health Education and Welfare Emergency Medical Service Act of 1973. In the 1970′s the goal was to establish local EMS [...]

More More is Not Better Done Right is Best


          For far too long  emergency services have suffered from what SEMSNation has coined as “The Saving Private Ryan Syndrome”. In the opening scene of the award winning movie, by Steven Speilberg you witness wave after wave of American soldiers assault the beaches of Normandy, only to be mowed down by [...]

What is Special Events Medical Services


    Historically, the overwhelming concern of special event directors has not been safety or security. September 11, 2001, coupled with escalating litigation targeting special events and venues has changed that. Hence, new and intense focus has been drawn to the field of special events medicine and event preparedness. This new focus has revealed  an [...]