We live in an ever changing world. Society is constantly exposed to television’s depiction of pre-hospital medicine; demanding the same fast, efficient, and professional services of the real world EMS system. This is creating a demand on EMS professionals to become more professional and live up to the highest standards of professionalism and living down the less than flattering images of the ever growing popular anti- hero depicting anti – social behaviors. In the event arena, your professionalism will be tested every single time. Gone forever are the days when EMT or off duty nurses could show up with minimal supplies and equipment, no specialized training, and provide service without consequence.

To properly provide protection in today’s climate, it is essential to adhere to the highest of standards. The call has gone out and been answered by SEMSNation, for an organization and standardized method of protecting events, venues and patrons. For good or bad lawyers, litigation and public pressure have fueled many of the changes to current policies and procedures in EMS, and it is fueling the development of this specialty.

The goal of SEMSNation is first and foremost to deliver the best patient care possible, in the most challenging of environments. Second is to protect the medical provider, event promoter, venue operator, insurance companies from being the target of unscrupulous litigators and frivolous or fraudulent insurance claims. Insurance company have been clamoring for a better more specialized protection for events and we have delivered it. Every time providers does a good job it save everyone money.