Event certified pre- hospital providers are in a sense EMS’s new special forces. They are experts at crowd psychology, crowd behavior, usage of modern equipment and vehicles. They know how to gather data then analyze it to draw an unbiased conclusion and engineer an effective plan of action. They can design and properly implement event specific micro- EMS systems with communication matrices, transport considerations, staffing and equipment. They are well rehearsed in methodology, tactics and procedures for effectively protecting any size event.

There is no substitute for correctly protecting an event or venue. To date, the special events medical specialty lacks standards, research, and a guiding body. The standards SEMSNation are introducing are time tested and proven. They provide maximum protection to an event, the venue and the provider. A good example of how well standards can serve an industry and society is CPR. No matter where you go in the world, CPR is performed to the established standards.

Concerns of Special Events

The reality of event EMS is that patient care is only a small part. There are countless other concerns that must be addressed before you ever get to patient care. What professionals don’t understand is, along with their patient care theories you must have an understanding of logistics, prediction of traffic flow, patient flow dynamics, crowd dynamics, meteorology, crowd physiology, risk management and much more. Personnel who adopt this specialty will become experts at crowd psychology, become adept at and on the cutting edge for designer drug recognition and treatment, as well as, environmental ailments. They can design and properly implement micro- EMS systems based on given information. Are familiar with various tactics and procedures for dealing with any size event. They will closely be able to estimate the number of priority patients, and incidents and closely estimate transports. As event logistic experts with respect to dealing concerns unique to events, they are also familiar with cultural decorum and social etiquette.