For far too long  emergency services have suffered from what SEMSNation has coined as “The Saving Private Ryan Syndrome”. In the opening scene of the award winning movie, by Steven Speilberg you witness wave after wave of American soldiers assault the beaches of Normandy, only to be mowed down by machine gun fire and then next wave hits the beach. That day more the 100,000 soldiers stormed those beaches and essentially over whelmed the obstacle with resources. In this regard, the modern Fire and EMS systems haven’t change their approach from the 1940′s philosophy. It is no longer acceptable or feasible to ‘ just throw resources at a problem’. For a foreseeable future, the industry will have to do more with less and the public will continue to expect top notch service. EMS is learning a lesson the military has grown to embrace: that it’s better to rely on small teams of highly motivated, highly trained operators, ‘Special Forces’.  EMS is now experiencing that same paradigm shift.  SEMS is one of the first branches of EMS’ s new special forces.

SEMSNation-trained providers and managers are able to analyze an event’s needs, devise a response plan, justify every resources and expense. The EMS Industry must get out of the old way of thinking which bombards every problem with resources, and transition to embrace technology and new approaches.