EMS is a relativity new profession, relative to the overall medical profession. What we call “modern EMS” only originated with the Highway Safety Act of 1966 and the Department of Health Education and Welfare Emergency Medical Service Act of 1973. In the 1970′s the goal was to establish local EMS systems. In the 1980′s the focus turned to education and improving the knowledge and skills of the individual provider.  In similarity to other medical fields, the growth in knowledge and complexity spawned new specialties. Years ago, the family doctor would handle every ailment his patients had and specialists were rare. Today, medicine has evolved into countless specialties. EMS has followed suit with the appearance of critical care, combat, flight, and tactical EMS providers. The standardization (and creation of a certification) of each of the aforementioned specialties, has resulted in the improvement of both systemic and individual care in each area;  joined by the newly emerging event medicine specialty . The ‘Jack of all trades EMS provider’ is headed the way of the dinosaur.