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    Welcome to SEMSNation

    Welcome to the SEMSNation! SEMS Nation is an online learning community of Pre Hospital medical provider and other medical professionals devoted to providing the highest quality care in mass gathering and special event environment...read more …

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    Historically, the overwhelming concern of special event directors has not been safety or security. September 11, 2001, coupled with escalating liability litigation targeting special events and the venues that host them have drawn new and intense focus to the field of emergency medicine and event security... read more…

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    News & Events Magazine

    May 23, 2011 SEMSNation will air its next webisode hosted by Clay Richmond and Mike Butler. The News Magizine style show modeled after the likes of Real Sports and Dateline will address the news and events affecting event medicine. The show will examine all issues from multiple perspectives . Also The show will respond to viewer inquiries and suggestion. We hope you enjoy the show and spend time exploring the SEMSNation website…

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    SEMS Event Response Management Software

    Finally a software package designed by and for EMS providers. The SEMSNation software package takes all the worry and hassle out of planning and executing your next stand by. No matter the event, whether its the local fair, Nascar Race or Presidential Inauguration this package takes all the guess work out of your response …

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    Providing EMS at the 2011 Baltimore Grand Prix

    The 2011 Baltimore Grand Prix (BGP) was the inaugural event for IndyCar racing in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Spanning 3 days over Labor Day weekend, it represented a new set of challenges for those providing EMS care to the participants and spectators.

News & Events


Self Defense for the EMS Provider

Episode 1 has been released. In the series Self Defense for the EMS Providers.


Do EMS Providers Always Know What to Do ?

The entire country is in shock and mourning at the evil that has been inflicted on our children. SEMSNation sends it's deepest and most sincere condolences


Does It Really Takes More Than 8 Minutes to Get in Shape ?

I was recently party to a Facebook thread that really got me thinking about the mythology surrounding self defense.. .


Episode 3 Defending Chokes

Being choked is one of the most dangerous situations an EMS provider can find themselves in .


Toronto stage collapse kills man ahead of Radiohead concert

A stage at Toronto's Downsview Park has collapsed in advance of this evening's scheduled Radiohead concert, crushing a man in his 30s to death and injuring three others.…


Emergency responders turn to expired drugs as key lifesaving medicine supplies run low

SALEM, Ore. — When paramedics ran out of a critical drug used to treat irregular heartbeats, the Bend Fire Department in Central Oregon dug into its stash of expired medications, loaded up the trucks and kept treating patients. Paramedics reported asking some of those facing medical emergencies: "Is it OK if we use this expired drug?"#8230;

Industry News


Why Feelings of Guilt May Signal Leadership Potential

STANFORD GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS — When we think of a typical leader, most of us picture a person who's sociable and upbeat. But new research puts a wrinkle in that stereotype, revealing an unexpected sign of leadership potential: the tendency to feel guilty. "Guilt-prone people tend to carry a strong sense of responsibility to others, and that responsibility makes other people see them as leaders


Indy Car Preparation Series

The next several weeks we will be working with Indy Car preparing for the Memorial Day Race. I think this is an excellent opportunity to give everyone some insight into planning and deploying for a high profile event. Along the way we will be producing a show about the entire experience and talking to every expert we can our hands on.


Runner collapses, dies at San Fransico Half Marathon

During Sunday's Rock 'n' Roll Mardi Gras Marathon, a 54-year-old man collapsed along the route on Esplanade Avenue, said New Orleans Emergency Medical Services spokesman Jeb Tate. MATTHEW HINTON / THE TIMES-PICAYUNE Runners start the Rock 'n' Roll Mardi Gras marathon and half marathon Sunday February 13, 2010 at Race Street and Tchoupitoulas Street. Tate said EMS arrived to find bystanders preforming CPR, and the runner regained a pulse and started breathing on his own through the efforts of bystanders and EMS paramedics.


Giro tragedy triggers safety debate

Belgian rider Wouter Weylandt's death following a high-speed crash during the third stage of the Giro d'Italia has left widespread sorrow in the cycling world, but has also raised questions over safety issues.An official inquiry has been launched to determine what caused the accident which occurred while the 26-year-old Weylandt was descending from the Passo del Bocco - the first of two climbs during the mostly flat 173-kilometre-stage from Reggio Emilia to Rapallo. According to Italian media, one witness report came from Portuguese rider Manuel Cardoso, who was following closely behind the unfortunate Weylan


Teen's Death Puts Focus On LA's Rave Parties

More than 180,000 people packed into the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum over two days for a rave party that featured spectacular light shows, pulsating techno music on stages the size of small buildings - and a lot of bad drug trips. The suspected overdose death of a 15-year girl and the scores of injuries in the mayhem that resulted when people tried to force their way closer to the event's five stages have cast a critical spotlight on what has become a trend, particularly in Southern California, of mega-raves.

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